Complex toy combinations

Sometimes you need your little child to play contentedly nearby while you do some work. To the rescue: complex toy combinations. Early childhood teachers, parents and grandparents too, have noticed that the more complex the play materials, the longer the children will play. The rule of thumb is more than three items. My all-time favorite…

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Movement journey

Take a movement journey with your little child. Adults can lead with the children following, then switch roles once the children get the hang of it. Unlike an obstacle course, you don’t have to set anything up. You just take off and start jumping over things, walking along things, climbing over things, rolling under things,…

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Build an obstacle course

This week, build an obstacle course! It could be a course built by an adult for one child or a course built together for the whole family! It could be a course for a toy animal. Or a course for a toy vehicle. An indoor course or an outdoor course. Can you find something to…

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