Playing alone

When parents need to work from home, they rely on their children being able to play on their own, especially if screens are going to be kept at bay. To that end … here’s what I know about play: Children won’t play alone if they don’t feel well-tethered to the adults around them. Children won’t play…

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Complex toy combinations

Sometimes you need your little child to play contentedly nearby while you do some work. To the rescue: complex toy combinations. Early childhood teachers, parents and grandparents too, have noticed that the more complex the play materials, the longer the children will play. The rule of thumb is more than three items. My all-time favorite…

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We all fall down

We like to think of our children as coming to us from the starry heavens. This means we are extremely blessed to be in the presence of little beings so much nearer to this heavenly realm than we are. What a blessing children are to their teachers and caregivers. But journeying from the heavens down…

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