Movement journey

Take a movement journey with your little child. Adults can lead with the children following, then switch roles once the children get the hang of it. Unlike an obstacle course, you don’t have to set anything up. You just take off and start jumping over things, walking along things, climbing over things, rolling under things, hanging from things, balancing on things, hopping off of things… you get the idea! When you are out of indoor ideas, open the door and continue outside!

After a few moments pause, close your eyes, don’t make any sound. Notice what you hear and smell and feel.

What else can you discover on your journey? Later in the day, you can sit together and retell the experience as a shared story. Children love to hear about their own adventures.

About the Author

Kimberley Lewis

Kimberley is a birth-to-three teacher, consultant and writer. She received her master's degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Antioch University New England in Keene, NH. She is a RIE® Associate and avid Pikler student. She has been teaching nursery, preschool, kindergarten and parent-child classes in Waldorf schools since 2007.

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