Healing air

With more time outdoors, children fall and get scrapes. I usually offer a cold pack from the freezer for bumps (a little penguin made for children) or a wet cloth. Some children don’t want either, and for scrapes, they may not feel as good. The children will usually let me blow on the place that’s…

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Good things come to those who wait

Air reminds me of fairies. To spot a fairy, you need to have lots of patience and be able to wait. To be a parent also takes lots of patience and the ability to wait. Waiting is a skill children can develop too. Even very young children. The way to learn is through practice and…

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Air reminds me of music and songs. When I was a little girl, my grandmother would sing, “Kimberley’s a pretty-little-girl” to the tune of the meadowlarks. Only two generations ago in rural Utah and Idaho, when my grandparents were little, the children knew the birds and their birdsongs. They held meaning. Listen for the birdsongs….

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