Can you do what I do?

All of us are imitative beings (I see this in community dance), but children are especially imitative! Whether it’s because of mirror neurons or limbic resonance or something else entirely, children are the greatest copiers! Let’s put this to use and have some fun! One game you can try is simply called, Can you do…

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Why nursery rhymes?

Songs are threefold. They have a rhythm (the beat, like the beat of footsteps), the melody (the mood that touches our soul) and the lyrics (the meaning of the words). The first one – rhythm – plays right into the work of earliest childhood with its focus on movement, rhythm and the body. Nursery rhymes…

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Air reminds me of music and songs. When I was a little girl, my grandmother would sing, “Kimberley’s a pretty-little-girl” to the tune of the meadowlarks. Only two generations ago in rural Utah and Idaho, when my grandparents were little, the children knew the birds and their birdsongs. They held meaning. Listen for the birdsongs….

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