Good things come to those who wait

Air reminds me of fairies. To spot a fairy, you need to have lots of patience and be able to wait. To be a parent also takes lots of patience and the ability to wait. Waiting is a skill children can develop too. Even very young children. The way to learn is through practice and…

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Playing alone

When parents need to work from home, they rely on their children being able to play on their own, especially if screens are going to be kept at bay. To that end … here’s what I know about play: Children won’t play alone if they don’t feel well-tethered to the adults around them. Children won’t play…

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Being human is complex business. What I know so far, is that resiliency is built through adversity that is overcome. It’s like a muscle. This is why those countries, who already had experience dealing with SARS or MERS, are more resilient to COVID-19. And why families who already tried homeschooling once are more resilient to…

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Attuned listening

I recently realized that there is a part of “parenting lore” that I don’t fully agree with. It has to do with those times when a child is overwhelmed, scared, stressed, crying, screaming, tantruming or otherwise completely dysregulated. I often hear the advice that, “children need these feelings, they need a safe place to express…

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We often refuse to do things for our children that they need help with. Sometimes we ask children to do things before they are ready, or we expect them to understand what we mean when, in fact, they don’t understand. Patience with the child’s pace and offering help is the kindest thing to do. Take…

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Potty training

Potty training is so individual. My approach is that using the toilet is such an intimate part of a person’s life (like getting a diaper changed), that I handle it with the deepest respect. I try to make the child comfortable. Like diapering, nothing you do should feel distressful. Keep it light-hearted and joyful. Make…

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