Healing air

With more time outdoors, children fall and get scrapes. I usually offer a cold pack from the freezer for bumps (a little penguin made for children) or a wet cloth. Some children don’t want either, and for scrapes, they may not feel as good. The children will usually let me blow on the place that’s hurt though. It’s especially good for scrapes that they don’t want touched because they sting. Some children will let me spray a bit of water on the scrape and then blow it, which is even cooler from the evaporation. I’ve kept tiny spray bottles around just for this use.

I once mixed a bit of rose water in with the tap water and made a label that said fairy juice, and put it in my healing basket, and the children could have a spritz of fairy juice if they got hurt. 

About the Author

Kimberley Lewis

Kimberley is a birth-to-three teacher, consultant and writer. She received her master's degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Antioch University New England in Keene, NH. She is a RIE® Associate and avid Pikler student. She has been teaching nursery, preschool, kindergarten and parent-child classes in Waldorf schools since 2007.

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