Children are capable

We often do things for our little children that they are capable of doing themselves – things such as climbing or rolling over or crawling or walking or getting up on things. We often try to help them or do it for them. But they are safest and most embodied when they are allowed to do it all themselves at their own time.

The developmental movement sequence that children go though is highly important for future cognitive learning.

Don’t hurry your child. This sequence builds on previous steps, so it’s important that parts aren’t skipped (side lying and lots of rotation for instance). Children need to return to previously accomplished movements often, such as crawling, long after they can walk. So, leave your child alone as much as possible when he or she is in movement.

About the Author

Kimberley Lewis

Kimberley is a birth-to-three teacher, consultant and writer. She received her master's degree in Waldorf Early Childhood Education from Antioch University New England in Keene, NH. She is a RIE® Associate and avid Pikler student. She has been teaching nursery, preschool, kindergarten and parent-child classes in Waldorf schools since 2007.

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